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Year of Demoon (My Life Inside 2020)

Every performance I had in the books has been canceled. Many musical heroes and mentors have transitioned and I worry about the ones who are still with us. There has been so much death. I saw medical workers putting dead bodies in a freezer truck on the street yesterday.

Music, Reemerging

The true hedonistic live performance explosion will arrive when everyone present feels confident that the vaccinating drive is coping with the virus variants, but even so, progress will be measured among some quarters, and a rapid rush for others.

Sound and Vision

Live music in New York City in the summertime: nothing could be more natural, or more welcome. But after the canceled summer of 2020, nobody knew what to expect this year.

Where Are We?

Music-making is a social activity, bringing people together into a temporary society and culture that exists around the performance. Culture is how we share and pass on ideas and values, so it is important for venues and institutions to look beyond the pandemic and plan on once again creating these myriad enlivening evenings of small societies with shared pleasures and purpose.


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SEPT 2021

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