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Back to the Future?

The various Biden plans represent only the latest form of the cleft in which American capitalism (and indeed global capitalism) has been stuck for some time.

The Pandemic and the Economy: An Uncertain Prospect

The world is now again facing a global economic crisis. This one is, of course, a very specific one.

Pity the Poor Police: New Laws to Back the Blue

The French and British governments, along with American lawmakers, are currently passing laws intended, among other things, to extend police powers to contain and control protests.

Palantir’s Picture of Michel Foucault, or How to “Discipline and Punish”

Palantir is an American software company with a handsome sans-serif logo and stylish exposed-concrete offices in trendy neighborhoods around the world. Despite bearing these standard aesthetic markers of tech-startup playful simplicity and nerd-culture harmlessness, the company is perhaps unique in the controversy it has attracted, even in a field where controversy has grown somewhat routine.


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