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Write Me Back: P.S. Offers a Unique Window into Pen Pals’ Isolation

Mid-COVID, many theaters pivoted to digital programming. To create something more singular (and tangible), Ars Nova commissioned a durational theater piece with handwritten letters as its vessel. Now, audiences can both listen to the old-friends-turned-pen-pals’ exchanges online and also experience the culmination of their relationship at an in-person play this fall.

The Dramaturg’s Perspective: A Conversation with Amauta Firmino

Writer Alexi Chacon talks with Amauta Firmino, the Dramaturg of Slave Play, about his work on Broadway’s most TONY nominated play in history, his dramaturgical process, and surviving as a dramaturg.

For Your Eyes OnlyFans: Playwright Gage Tarlton on Sex, Confessions, and the Digital Age

Brooklyn-based playwright Gage Tarlton is compelled by the ways in which OnlyFans seems to occupy the eye of the storm, both as theatrical space and tool, for younger people negotiating their lives and identities on the internet.


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