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In Conversation

Ghada Amer with Amanda Gluibizzi

Amanda Gluibizzi talks with Ghada Amer about her new body of work on view at Marianne Boesky Gallery.

In Conversation

Tacita Dean with Jonathan T.D. Neil

Jonathan T.D. Neil speaks with Tacita Dean about her new projects, Los Angeles as Purgatory, the future of film, and her favorite Leo Steinberg essay.

In Conversation

Tomashi Jackson with Maddie Klett

Maddie Klett speaks with Tomashi Jackson about her love of printmaking, her collaborative methodology as a social historian, and how cares her artwork into existence.

In Conversation

Jorge Pardo with William Corwin

William Corwin speaks with Jorge Pardo about his new paintings, pin-hole cameras, and what goes into the production of an alter.

Una Stanza Per Panza

Thirty-one years after the publication of “Una Stanza Per Panza,” Judd’s efforts remain rare examples of the preservation of an artist’s vision. Still more rare are foundations established by artists which exhibit work by anyone other than their founder. There are considerably more museums founded by collectors, or which serve them. The reasons for this are as clear now as they were in 1990, and the threats to the integrity of art remain considerable.

Railing Opinion

Pure Meshuggah: Anti-Semitism Invades Art History

In my four decades working in New York as an art historian, teacher and art dealer, I never imagined that racist politics and white supremacist viewpoints could contaminate my profession.


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