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In Conversation

PENNY ARCADE with Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett speaks with performance artist, writer, poet, and experimental theater maker Penny Arcade about artistic lineage, individuation, and the future of New York.

In Conversation

LAUREN BON with Phong H. Bui

Every once in a while, one will meet a visionary, but oftentimes it requires multiple encounters or repeated experiences to be able to absorb or digest that vision more readily. A Japanese proverb says: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Artist Lauren Bon is a visionary who is undoubtedly turning her vision into action.

In Conversation


McKenzie Wark speaks with artist Lyle Ashton Harris about archives, gesture, and applying pressure.

In Conversation

MINJUNG KIM with Helen Lee

Helen Lee talks to Mingjun Kim about her artwork, expansive knowledge of paper, and exquisite sense of calm.

In Conversation

John Elderfield and Terry Winters on Cézanne’s Rock and Quarry Paintings

A conversation between art historian John Elderfield and painter Terry Winters on the occasion of Cézanne: The Rock and Quarry Paintings at the Princeton University Art Museum.


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