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John Stezaker: Love

The collages and silkscreens of John Stezaker contain stutters and elisions, gaps and coverings that pull viewers into “an act of empathetic engagement,” as the artist said in a 2011 interview included in the catalogue for his retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Guestbook: Ghost Stories

These stories fall into the category of more traditional ghost stories, where a poltergeist haunts a place it once lived—or died—in. But what rings most true and fits within the context of Shapton’s larger work (Important Artifacts particularly) are the ghosts not of people but of things.

Czech and Slovak Photo Publications 1918–1989

These fissures guide our reading of Steidl’s 509-page compilation. Eight essays, written in Czech and in English, outline the entanglement between political compulsions and images published in a nation consistently redefining itself throughout the twentieth century.

Dorothy Iannone: A Cookbook

While these popular kitchen aids were written by successful feminine personas selling their versions of commercial domesticity, artist Dorothy Iannone’s A Cookbook, published the same year, is stuffed with both an international catalogue of recipes and a generous helping of Iannone’s personal prerogatives.


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