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Pay the Artist

Roscoe Mitchell needs no more accolades, he's been lauded many times over for what he has created through decades. Yet he does need to be rewarded, meaning he needs to get paid.

Hey Internet DJ

The hipster clothing brand fit a particular New York moment, advertising with billboards of Woody Allen film stills and tuning the stores to Turn On the Bright Lights. That physical and music landscape could never exist today.

Kinesiology of the Viola

Last September, I remember feeling a little dizzy while looking at the Pablo Palazuelo piece Diferencias XII (1987) in the Ahmanson Building at LACMA. The painting is a lattice of yellowish-white lines that break and melt into each other against a dark-as-night backdrop.


Texas native, drummer Rock Savage, who has played with such icons as Arthur Brown, moved to New York in 1988 and became a fixture at the Knitting Factory.

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Jon Savage: This Searing Light, The Sun And Everything Else

In the course of its four-year existence, Manchester, UK band Joy Division pioneered a new sound in rock that would come to be identified as post-punk.


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