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Merce's Way

Dancing is a physical act that you deal with daily. And it's quite true that when you get older, certain things you can't do the way you did.

Vertigo Dance Company: One. One & One

The Vertigo dancers execute movement like a well-organized mission, with confidence and commitment. As one soloist stumbles down the stage's diagonal, her colleagues plait her hair, swooping under and over each other to manipulate their taut sections of the braid.

Somatic Brutality

I saw the trailer for Gaspar Noé's Climax right before watching Luca Guadagnino's remake of Dario Argento's Suspiria. The trailer draws an immediate parallel between the two films: an interview with a young woman plays on an old TV, flanked by a stack of VHS tapes including Argento's original.

Crystal Pite's hypertextual mindscapes

It has been a while since one of Crystal Pite's powerful "homegrown" evening-length productions graced New York City's stages. In addition to various external commissions, Pite makes work with her Vancouver-based company, Kidd Pivot.

Lincoln Kirstein's Multi-Platform Brand, Dissected

The contents of Lincoln Kirstein's Modern sprawls over a lifetime, with work reflecting Kirstein's myriad interests and varying levels of involvement with cultural institutions. Curators Jodi Hauptman (Senior Curator) and Samantha Friedman (Associate Curator, Department of Drawings and Prints) dissected Kirstein's career and laid out a panoply of artifacts as graphic evidence of his many obsessions.


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