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Field Notes

Letter from San Antonio

In San Antonio, most people are only one degree of separation from a person who has been detained by ICE.

Quotation, Paraphrase, and Plagiarism: An Exchange

Libcom claims that I misrepresented their arguments against Angela Nagle in my article, “The Aggressiveness of Vulnerability.” Something like that is always possible and mistakes should be corrected. This is not such a case.

Little Caughnawaga

Mohawks have been involved in the iron and steel industry since the end of the nineteenth century, when the Canadian Pacific Railroad sought to offset encroachments into reserve land by employing men from Kahnawake territory in the construction of a cantilever bridge across the St. Lawrence River.

Degrowth Considered

The point of degrowth is to change the organizing principles of society, to adopt a creed of “simplicity, conviviality, and sharing,” and design new institutions, paired with localized economies—production, distribution, and consumption—and more equal distribution of resources


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2018

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