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from Who Among Us

Who Among Ustakes place in Montevideo, but this is merely circumstantial because the most prevalent element of this work is the psychological delving into each characters’ mind and not the monitoring of a social atmosphere.

Underneath the Ruins

She couldn’t see the whole picture. Either the heads would disappear or the feet would be cropped out from the frame. The lens of the camera phone could only fit the group in with parts of their bodies and parts of the ruins. Aisha knew she would have to go down the steps much, much more, so everyone in the group could squeeze into the photo, in order for the Ruins of St. Paul to appear in the backdrop.

Fresh Blood

All I saw was blood when she first appeared before me. Her cheongsam, in a screaming scarlet, collared at the throat and falling all the way to her ankles with a slit rising to the high of her thighs, exposed her lithe, bare legs. When she said Hello, my mouth opened and only soundless dry air came forth.

On the Current Symbolic Status of Oil

As Duncan Smith notes toward the end of “On the Current Symbolic Status of Oil,” the essay was written during the Iran Hostage Crisis, that’s to say 1979–1980. It’s always helpful to know when a text was composed but in this case the dating is crucial: Smith’s virtuosic ode to oil in all its cultural, psychological and political ramifications was written in the midst of an energy crisis when, as a result of the U.S. halting oil imports from Iran, there was a panic that led to the doubling of oil prices and long lines at gas stations around the country.

Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel #6: Solus

T. Motley is serializing "Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel" in the Brooklyn Rail, helped by a grant from the Spillway Fund, Text translated from the French by Mark Ford, John Harmon, John Ashbery, Mark Polizzotti, and Rupert Copeland Cuningham.

Golthar, Terror of the Deep

Nathan Place is a carbon-based organism who works by day as a video editor for the Daily Mail and by night as the peculiar cartoonist behind Golthar, Terror of the Deep. He grew up in New York City, but is just as tormented by living here as most people. He publishes a new Golthar every Tuesday on Instagram at @GoltharTerrorOfTheDeep.

Mathias Svalina’s Dream Delivery Service

These are dreams written for the Dream Delivery Service. With the Dream Delivery Service I take subscribers &, every day for a month, I write & deliver dreams to them. To subscribers in the city I’m in, I deliver the dreams before dawn via bike; to subscribers residing further away, I mail the dreams.


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