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All In Until it Stops: JOE CASEY with Dan Joseph

As our national discourse continues to sink ever lower, a new generation of dissident musical artists is emerging to give voice to a growing mood of discontent. One of the more compelling of these dissenting soundtracks comes from Detroit’s Protomartyr, a four-piece post-punk combo with a complex, industrial-strength, guitar-centric sound.

Alan Bishop, Time Traveler

Having closely followed all forms and manifestations of Alan Bishop’s output for the last ten years, his solo Alvarius B. performances are some of the most exciting dates on the calendar.

On Pointe: Alessandro Cortini, Richard Horowitz, Lapalux

Taken together, the three reviews below encompass both the past and the current cutting edge in creative electronic music.


At the reading/talk the elderly academician proclaimed, “I’ve been teaching in the God-forsaken University for fifty-two years…” I wanted to ask during the Q&A, “So why do you teach?

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