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Fantasies of Secession: A Critique of Left Economic Nationalism

Over the past few years, financial power has become a political black hole, collapsing ideological space into itself. Common ideas on the left, right, and center trace confused and overlapping trajectories as they spiral towards it.

Inside the "Muslim Factory": NEDJIB SIDI MOUSSA with Felix Baum

The Muslims produced by this social factory are not necessarily believers, they don’t necessarily practice Islam, go to the mosque, eat halal etc.—they are rather a kind of sub-nationality, similar to the Muslims in ex-Yugoslavia or those in Lebanon at the time of the French protectorate.

Letter From Huntsville: "Look Out For One Another"

Through an unknown Facebook friend, I was added to a “secret” Facebook group of some 2,000-odd folks in northern Alabama, where I live. You can’t join, you have to be referred and vetted as trustworthy. I can’t call out its colorful name (which loosely translates as “Look Out For One Another [LOFOA],” which is the name I will use for this article) because group members must promise never to post or share information outside the group.

The "Soares Doctrine," or Who Gave Birth to Democracy in Portugal?

When Mario Soares died a year ago, he received the well deserved honors of a state funeral from his own state apparatus, his democratic-representative regime—one might say, a new version of L’État, c’est moi.

Climate change:
What is to be done?
Part 3 – Conclusion

Advertising, cars, airplanes, air-conditioning systems, meat, and disposables are typical elements of present-day capitalism with large carbon footprints; that is, they imply major CO2 emissions.


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