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Elements of Peaceful Engagement. Ingredients

Migration is connected with communication and the decision making process.

As an artist working in many different cultural backgrounds these aspects are fundamental to my daily practice, which is based on several inter-textual fields: language and its typographic representation and humanistic speculation in a field of communication.

In the Elements of Peaceful Engagement I continue analyzing various parameters of language structures: protocols, classifications, system of methods, concept of strategy. These instruments of a daily routine implement an idea of a workplace and influence an atmosphere of physical and mental movement in the decision-making process. 

In writing this essay I sub-borrowed the title of my latest work series Elements of Peaceful Engagement and added to it the word Ingredients. The title becomes a work itself and occurs in two sections:

  1. In a field of communication the first noticeable aspect is a melody; the Elements of Peaceful Engagement as a word construction evokes a soothing rhythm that stimulates occurrence of abstract meanings.
  2. I invented a Character (an abstract personality) who is named Elements of Peaceful Engagement and which addresses a dynamic of work relationships under certain strategic system.

These two sections recall a linguistic grammar of the workspace environment, yet adequately the “ingredients” create an index of calibrated parameters to diagnose the effectiveness of communication.

Each ingredient of Elements of Peaceful Engagement contains: percent of errors*, percent of uncertainty of measurement, percent of doubt, percent angles, percent shapes, percent double, percent option, and percent discrete.

The words discrete, double, and option are connected to the intrinsic behavior and tone of communication; they relate to hidden protocols and play important role in the decision-making process by orienting the scope of possibilities. The word Discrete is particular, it initiates an arrangement to communicate on subtle levels where words are not always needed and where the unspoken contract creates somehow intimate relationship. These attributes influence communication in a workspace environment. However one of most intriguing aspects is a non-strategic approach based on ones own experience in a process of informal, intuitive, verbal, two-way communications. It is a process of sensing the entire organizational methods and relevant situations. In such process of communicating, the intellectual methods are going hand-in-hand with techniques that are based on feeling appropriate-ness; this assists to build a new system: strategy as learning.

By writing this essay, my purpose was to affirm the word “migration” as a transition, an expansion of thought through the decision-making process and non-strategic system.

This essay is a migration itself or a thought migration accomplished in the process of communication.

* Percent of errors: If words are not innocent, it means an error cannot be underestimated, an error as a divergence from the initial intention is a result of the unpredictability and can be turned into a valuable moment of pause to redefine a distracted process.


Marlena Kudlicka

Marlena Kudlicka is a Polish artist based in Berlin.


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