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The Emergence of A New Black Avant-Garde: Experimental Music and Text

“Just speaking my truth makes it political because of the systematic oppression that is happening in this country. Even if I am not trying to be political, my story just is political.”

Art of Darkness: Wrekmeister Harmonies

Horror, darkness, despair, violence—these are not themes you tend to find in much of contemporary music . . . here there is nothing extraordinary—from a generic or musical standpoint—about a band tackling such themes. Here, what makes Robinson’s project extraordinary is simply the depth and thoughtfulness with which he does so.

Make Your Pointe: Visible Cloaks' Reassemblage

Visible Cloaks—a two-man group: Spencer D and Ryan Carlile—often use quick, abnormal rhythms, which come across like organic splashes of sound.


I recently heard a friend of the Dalai Lama purport that, according to Buddhism, when you understand the nature of the world you are happy.

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