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Without End:
Val del Omar at Anthology Film Archives

Spain under Generalísimo Francisco Franco was an ideological and experiential break with the vibrant culture of the Second Spanish Republic. But it was precisely during these moments of expressive impossibility that the real visionaries emerged.

The Maps of The Settlers

A packed house at the Film Society at Lincoln Center hangs perpendicular—staring straight down at a mottled beige satellite map that hovers beneath.

Even The Dead Will Not Be Safe: Part II of III

There is no progress in art, only actualization. It is not that so-and-so’s work begat so-and-so’s, nor that without Pollock there would be no fill-in-the-blank. As Paul McCarthy says, it is not about influence; it is about opening.

Mixed Use:
E.S.P. TV’s Unit 11

Currently located between the familiar red circle of “You Are Here” and the “Back of Beyond” is E.S.P. TV’s Unit 11. Operated by artists Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan, E.S.P. TV is best known for live television tapings that feature experimental broadcasts via their mobile television studio, Unit 11.

Inside the Pleasure Palace

Hamilton Babylon is a detailed rendering of a misremembered, if not largely forgotten, niche of Canadian cine-culture.

Two Contentious New Waves: “Oshima x Godard” at BAM

For two weeks this month, BAMcinématek presents a retrospective of two directors considered to represent the apotheosis of art cinema in their respective countries: Japanese political avant-garde filmmaker Oshima Nagisa, and French New Wave auteur Jean-Luc Godard.


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