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JAMES THIERRÉE with Ivan Talijancic

James Thierrée is certainly no stranger to the New York theater cognoscenti, and beyond, appearing on stage since the age of four with his parents’ company Le Cirque Imaginaire.

The Stakes of Exile: Arden/Everywhere: The As You Like It Project

“For years, whenever anyone mentioned Shakespeare’s As You Like It, I’d say, ‘I hate that play!’” This is the first thing theater director Jessica Bauman tells me as we sit outside Baruch College’s performing arts center on an unseasonably warm autumn day.

In Conversation

The Other White America: Poverty, Inclusivity, and the Ball Grant: JOSHUA YOUNG with Elisabeth Ng

Joshua Young reads like your typical straight, white man, and I am an Asian female immigrant. We are not who the immediate zeitgeist would identify as allies in the push for diverse representation in theater.

In Dialogue

Nine Questions for Diana Oh

Late Monday night I sent Diana Oh some questions: Nine questions for Diana Oh. We will get into the specifics of that number later. I’ve witnessed Diana as a performer, writer, director, and general badass!

Bolaño in the Americas: Old Debates Demand New Language

On Friday, August 11, 2017, and throughout the subsequent weekend, Elle Reeve, a correspondent for VICE News Tonight, was embedded with an extremist cell that had traveled to North Carolina to attend the “Unite the Right” rally, which brought together the disparate alt-right confederacy.

There is Always Room for Cream

It’s hard to believe it has been almost ten years since the Dyke Division of the Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf first introduced audiences to Room for Cream, their “live lesbian soap opera” that ran for three “seasons” at La Mama and became an underground hit.


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