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Admission here of my endeavor to dissemble a story

about the victors my quarter moon and crossbar my

factsheet glossy chevron I am enabled in place

even if I was never from Hamburg or Paris never

in Athens no matter how I obliterate my evolving

thoughts concentric with the fragrances of clean

and nearness to atrocity a measurement of days

and progress in terms I too obtain in amazement

sometime far sometime so in the urban sequence

inalienable begetting ever of the million chemical

components the color of asphalt tawny chlorophyll 

grizzle I confess I suspect I unfriend a shy electorate

with something notable like evidence or argument  

something noble for the influx of learning my lesson

in connection to belief and what teacher tells me

with no mind to correction of method why forfeit

the cruelty of forms I accept I concede I allow I

discomfort or are we are adjourned?—o hear ye

therefore ghost and guest in graphite timely untimely



Roberto Tejada

ROBERTO TEJADA’s recent publications include Todo en el ahora (Libros Magenta, 2015), selected poems translated into Spanish by Alfonso D’Aquino, Gabriel Bernal Granados, and Omar Pérez. He is faculty at the University of Houston where he teaches in the Creative Writing Program and Art History Department.


The Brooklyn Rail

FEB 2017

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