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In Dialogue

Crossing History’s River
NATHAN ALAN DAVIS with Ken Weitzman

Nathan Alan Davis’s plays are captivating amalgams; they evince a versatile, philosophical, and complex artist. One of his early plays, Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea, for instance, mixes hilarious, exuberant poetry with a classic, Joseph Campbell-esque hero’s journey in which Dontrell sets off to the ocean deep to recover the bones of an ancestor who jumped to his death from a slave ship.

Debauching Many a Pure Mind:
The Return of The Black Crook

As Cats claws its way back to Broadway and producers rub their palms envisioning yet another billion-dollar season, creator/director Joshua William Gelb and producer Moe Yousuf know now is the perfect time to reanimate the theatrical behemoth that started it all: Charles M. Barras’s 1866 marvel, The Black Crook.


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