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The Art of Capturing the Ephemeral
Maria Baranova’s performance photography

Whether you are a regular in the experimental theater circuit or an occasional downtown denizen, chances are you have been exposed to some of the most memorable performance images around, as captured by the impeccable eye (and camera) of the Russian-born photographer Maria Baranova.

Lindsay Joy’s In the Event of My Death: New Plays Grown Down at The Farm Theater

Talking to Padraic Lillis, founder and artistic director of The Farm Theater, I feel a surge of familiarity. Maybe it’s something from my family’s Midwestern farming past, but when he talks about his work I recognize an honorable reticence, cautious hope, and, maybe most particularly, the steady commitment to action that makes things grow.

In Dialogue

The authenticity in getting Caught with Christopher Chen

I distinctly remember walking into a screening room lobby at the Sundance Resort in the mountains of Utah for the final workshop presentation of Christopher Chen’s Caught, a piece Chen had spent the past three weeks rigorously developing as part of the 2014 Sundance Theater Lab.


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