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Performing Identities, Identifying Performance

Wherever one turns in the United States these days, one cannot help but find instances of the politics of identity and identification at work.

Against Identity

Interested in how communities respond to death in moments of crisis, we proposed to (re)install SILENCE=DEATH, the neon sign created in 1987 by Gran Fury, as part of our 2015 exhibition at the New Museum, “P.O.L.E. (People Objects Language Exchange).”

Skin of the Actor, Teeth of the Artist

The first time I met an actor, I was eleven years old. She was too. Her teeth were like razors. She sharpened them on her lunch pail to look like a ghoul.

Ligia Lewis

I don’t want to talk about identity within performance. I’m more likely to think, usually, how to fuck up, fuck with, and fuck identity out of itself so long as it insists on the “I” coming out first.

Mark Aguhar

In Chicago, 2011, my sister Mark Aguhar (1987 – 2012) and I came to know each other through a utopian network of queers that would congregate at art and music shows, queer/activist community gatherings, and dance parties such as the legendary Chances Dances.

Things Left Behind: Black Screen 16:9

The following is excerpted from a conversation between Rafa Esparza and Erin Christovale that took place in June in Elysian Park.

The Woman Who Married a Bear

The Indian story about a woman who married a bear gets told in many ways. I see it happening in Vermont. That’s where I’m the woman who got lost in the woods and spent a night in the snow, on a bed of two leather gloves.


Writing from our present historical moment in the city of Los Angeles, real estate interests force two of the best-organized and longest-running all-ages punk venues (The Smell and pehrspace) to move, shut down, or change.

Take My Hand and Let’s Get Out of This 4% Universe

In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle states that the more precisely the position of a particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa.


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