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Irgin Sena: 21 fiftytwo (the day after)

Irgin Sena’s work is substantial in its fragility: it explores the ephemerality of the representational structures and systems that constitute the foundations of our need to project significance, and perhaps narrative coherence, onto widely disparate signs.

How Do We Sleep When the Future Is Melting?

Sarah Braman: You Are Everything

One of the first things greeting viewers in Sarah Braman’s stellar show at Mitchell-Innes and Nash is half of a white Toyota Celica. Rear fender kissing the ground, stick-straight antennae at a neat 45-degree angle, half a white car points skyward, ready for launch.


Nasreen Mohamedi (1937 – 1990), born in what is now Pakistan, trained partly in London (1954 – 57) and Paris (1961 – 63), was a Muslim who traveled to Bahrain, Iran, and Turkey while she lived and worked in India.


Drift, curated by the De Keyser scholar Ulrich Loock, marks the artist’s first major career survey in New York since his death in 2012. It is centered on The Last Wall (2014), De Keyser’s final project at age eighty-two.

Informed Painting

Writing on Cézanne, D.H. Lawrence noted that, “After a fight tooth-and-nail for forty years, he did succeed in knowing an apple, fully; and, not quite as fully, a jug or two.


Working at a painting conservation studio, I encountered a strange motif of jealousy and rage. The conservator recounted a trope in stabbed paintings, wherein spurned lovers and wrathful kin took their rage to the art collection, thrusting knives into Keith Harings, Lucian Freuds, Mark Rothkos, and other auction house darlings.


In a recent conversation between art historian Claire Bishop and Cuban artist Tania Bruguera at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, Bruguera described her work as funny.

PER KIRKEBY Serial Thinking

As well as printmaking, Danish artist Per Kirkeby’s (b. 1938) oeuvre includes painting, sculpture, architecture, writing (poetry, essays, and travel books), and performance.

Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains

Despite its claims, Unbound: Narrative Art of the Plains does not trace the evolution of narrative art among Native nations on the Great Plains.


In physics, a system is said to be symmetric when its essential features remain unchanged under various transformations. Judith Braun, the ever-mutating, contradiction-embracing, Bad-Girl feminist and high priestess of monastic discipline, is just such a system.


Granted with infancy’s cradle of subconscious mojo, / Moon eclipsing the sun while winking at the children, / He needs only the essentials: sleep, air, and his dreams– / The things that refer to the eternal.

Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color

An initial question intrigued me on visiting the American modernist painter Beauford Delaney’s Parisian show Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color: How did a black gay painter remain so full of light and joy during the struggle against racial and sexual bigotry taking place in the 1960s?

ELENA SISTO Afternoons

In the late 1980s, Elena Sisto made a series of paintings of empty picture frames, directing attention to the conventional moldings and materials that normally surround an image.

QIU XIAOFEI Double Pendulum

Qiu Xiaofei, who lives and works in Beijing, studied painting there at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, receiving his degree in 2002. Although he first began as a figurative artist, his art now is a luxurious mélange of abstraction, geometric forms such as spheres, and luscious impasto highly reminiscent of the New York School.

Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible

Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible,the Met’s inaugural exhibition at its new space in the Breuer-designed building the Whitney occupied before its move downtown, sprawls by design.


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