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Art In Conversation

MARK DION: Mourning is A Legitimate Mode of Thinking

Mark Dion is the elder statesman of critical nature studies­—of art that thinks, specifically about nature as a projection and extension of man’s self-interest.

Art In Conversation

ANTONY GORMLEY with Allie Biswas

With sculpture as a primary medium, Gormley’s work explores the relationship of the human body to space and time, emphasizing the body as place rather than object.

Art In Conversation

INGRID ELLIOTT with Laila Pedro

Curator Ingrid Elliott collaborated with Galerie Lelong on Diálogos constructivistas en la vanguardia cubana [Constructivist Dialogues in the Cuban Vanguard], an exhibition that offers an alternative take on modern art in Cuba.

Irgin Sena: 21 fiftytwo (the day after)

Irgin Sena’s work is substantial in its fragility: it explores the ephemerality of the representational structures and systems that constitute the foundations of our need to project significance, and perhaps narrative coherence, onto widely disparate signs.

How Do We Sleep When the Future Is Melting?

Sarah Braman: You Are Everything

One of the first things greeting viewers in Sarah Braman’s stellar show at Mitchell-Innes and Nash is half of a white Toyota Celica. Rear fender kissing the ground, stick-straight antennae at a neat 45-degree angle, half a white car points skyward, ready for launch.

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Dear Friends and Readers,

Like clockwork, the last four days of every month become an intense period of collective concentration at the Rail.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

The Tactic

Of the numerous concepts that have emerged from Michel de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life (1980), few have had more productive afterlives than his formulation of the tactic: “a way of operating,” of “making do” practiced by the urban masses he describes as “invisible.”

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