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IRENE LUSZTIG with Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa

With her latest film, The Motherhood Archives (2013), Irene Lusztig engages with birth as a cultural phenomenon, a topic that sparks passionate beliefs, yet is rarely discussed critically or publicly.

The 2015 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

The back of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival program guide offers an index of films organized not by director or country, but by subject. While this provides a useful point of entry, especially for a festival boasting more than 200 titles, such a guide remains indicative of the continued privileging of content over form in non-fiction film.

In Conversation

JON DIERINGER with Carolyn Lazard

If you’re keen on knowing which films are screening in New York City on any given day, Jon Dieringer is your man. He’s the founder and editor ofScreen Slate (, a website that aggregates screenings all over the city into a daily listing.


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