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dual fires


d e n t é
( f i r e   o n e )


for tiny suns to enter. she takes in both
in stride in no less stride
and empty stride. the nerve to pulse
beside the door
in all found shelter.

live on and in. live on and for
this symray game
in cosmos.

its after shadows what he wore.
and hipbones dropped
in silence.





s y m r a y
( f i r e   t w o )

     _  ) _ —
         — _ ) _

it’s an eagle that’s a thing. this sweat
of eies and dual fires fueled
with planet fat. but she would parm
and he would sped. her back
the no-nest chambers.

lured by denté
into promise. it is not the whole unsaid.
a fine stitched thing that’s a terrible
thing. this sweat of eies
and silence. dual.








Sara Deniz Akant

Sara Deniz Akant's work has appeared in CutBank, jubilat, Lana Turner, and elsewhere. She is the author of Parades (Omnidawn 2014), Latronic Strag (Persistent Editions 2015), and Babette (forthcoming from Rescue Press this fall). She lives in New York.


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