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Where plants grow well, humans usually do well, / Rome, Paris, London, San Francisco. It must have / Something to do with the light. There is a small intaglio / Of Agrippa in “Augustus” in a glass-clear mineral, / Which creates an image in light, of light, by light.

Here and Elsewhere

The museum’s façade and lobby vinyls of “The One and Only Madinat New Museum Royal Mirage” luxury hotel are by G.C.C., a collective of eight artists with roots in the Gulf.

Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today

Traditional notions of cultural identity—once determined by territorial borders and isolated means of communication—have been replaced by a global commonality, affecting the development of creative strategies and disparate cultural languages.

Charles Gaines: Gridwork 1974 – 1989

The interpretation of “a system” versus “the system” is polarized, depending on context—a flaw in communication that implies discrepancies within language. Is no structure sacred?

Tà Hierá

It is fitting that the Bonni Benrubi Gallery’s curators eschewed modern languages, reaching back instead to Koine Greek for tà hierá (roughly, “sacred things”), the title of the current group exhibition of 17 photographs by seven artists.

LUCIO FONTANA Retrospective

Lucio Fontana is amongst those latter-day European modernists whose post-WWII reputation was made by a signature autographic gesture.

SPENCER FINCH A Certain Slant of Light

So goes the first stanza of “There’s a certain Slant of light,” Emily Dickinson’s doleful poem which addresses light as a suspect entity—a presence weighing down on those who observe its behavior.

JEFF KOONS at the Whitney

One thing that comes to mind with Jeff Koons’s work is not what makes it good or bad, but a genuine curiosity about the nature of its perception in his fan base. It goes without saying that brilliant and redoubtable self-promotion has played an essential part in Koons’s career.

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS The Production Line of Happiness

Stepping through the grand red doorway of The Production Line of Happiness, a single photograph of a finger touching a glowing green button hangs on the wall.

RICHARD TUTTLE In Praise of Economic Determinism

From the abstract to the concrete / It’s more delphically precise than anticipated. / Arms extending halfway down / Embrace head spinning gently on the wall.


This summer, Midtown had a distinct case of Brazilian fever, and not just because of the flocks of soccer fans crowding local sports bars and tourists traps to watch the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


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