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Moment of Return

He embraces me. She repeats: he embraces me. She says this in silence, just the words, as though her whole body wasn’t implicated. She says this as one who is telling a faraway story that begins: he embraces me.

At The Glass Exposition In Peking

The old Baron Münchhausen has just returned from the Chinese interior. In Peking he makes the following entries in his diary

from Miransù

Hush sleep, let me think, it’s my love who eviscerates the bond and full murmurs. Then suddenly everything is quiet, everything bogs down, the crackling of gestures in order to separate from the union and find from that embrasure the opening of light in order to leave. opening of light in order to leave.

What Girl Built

Girl on boat, boat covered in ice, ice holds boat in place. Letter is delivered to boat. Girl comes out of boat and skis north to direction from which letter came. World is cold and snow creates dunes that are blown about by wind.

The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline

These letters are excerpted from The Selected Correspondence of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, additional letters from this manuscript will be featured through the Summer and Fall in the Brooklyn Rail.


They face each other across the void at the heart of the Guggenheim. The Calder dangles between them, curved white walls peppered with a temporary show at their backs.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a core contributor to Cartozia Tales, a fantasy mapjam comic for all ages.

Elevator Jenny

Keren Katz is the illustrating half of The Katz Sisters duo. She is also the half that is not fictitious.

New Totalities

Aaron Cockle is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn.


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