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Kanak, L’Art est une Parole

Kanak, l’Art est une Parole, which has been on view in the museum’s Jardin Gallery since October, extends a long-standing dialogue with New Caledonia—a French island territory with a rich Melanesian heritage, where the drama of colonialism is still unfolding.

MICHAEL ZANSKY: A Vacation on Mars with God

Ann McCoy discusses Michael Zansky's show, A Vacation on Mars with God, on display at Stux Gallery.

Times Narrow

William Kentridge’s The Refusal of Time, which debuted in dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012, is a multi-channel video and sculpture installation that, at first, seems an evolution of the artist’s ability to craft complicated allegories of the struggle between the personal and the political.

JASON DODGE We are the meeting

Jason Dodge, an American artist living in Berlin, works in a conceptualist style with a narrative twist (some call it poetic) that has worn well throughout the biennial circuit.


The fretful, glaucous coils resolve themselves into form against an otherworldly charcoal-colored background, a gouache mist. The unearthly quality of the scene finds a formal counterpart in the composition, as the indeterminacy of streaming lines suggests figures; one defies the viewer with its vulpine gaze.


On New Year’s 2011, Kim Dotcom, the online entrepreneur, hacker, and Internet pirate, sat in his private helicopter watching a half million dollar firework display that he gave to New Zealand as a thank-you for granting him citizenship.

A ‘Womanhouse’ or a Roaming House? ‘A Room of One’s Own’ Today

A.I.R. Gallery in Dumbo kicked off 2014 with a large women-only group exhibition, curated by celebrated feminist artist and writer Mira Schor.

Letter from BERLIN

I’ve written about exhibitions by two of these artists before. With Ruff, I remain captivated by what I called the “swaying” of his rigorous production, functioning as focus instead of distraction; with Tillmans it’s still about how he consistently reminds me to never take anything for granted.


The works of Korean painter Woong Kim are fraught with ambiguity: nebulous references to the representational world encrypted by the language of hardcoded abstraction.


Robert Wilson has taken up temporary residence at the Louvre, and there he has created a “bedroom of state” that rivals any one of the Louis’s.

Suddenly, There: Discovery of the Find
Curated by Eileen Jeng and Tamas Veszi

“In order to invent, one must think aside.” This observation, made by the French philosopher Etienne Souriau, might have served as the inspiration for this refreshingly exploratory group show.


The sort of self-examination Susanna Coffey has practiced over the past three decades is far from the passive self-absorption often criticized in contemporary media.


Saul Fletcher’s striking black-and-white photographs were taken last year in his studio in Berlin, where he has recently moved.


Quite a cast of characters are chatting things up at Algus Greenspon Gallery.

Michelangelo Pistoletto The Minus Objects 1965-1966

None of the Minus Objects look anything alike; they seem to add up to a group exhibition rather than a solo show. Of course, this was Pistoletto’s aim, to break the dogma of the uniformity of individual artistic style.

PTV3 (Psychic TV) at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Legendary outfit Psychic TV, known in its current incarnation as PTV3, played two free shows to overflowing crowds at Brooklyn Night Bazaar during the final weekend of 2013.


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