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Highly Selective Listings

Brooklyn Rail Highly Selective Music Events

A thoughtful, discerning, and carefully compiled list of the most notable, promising and unique musical events for the month of October in New York City.

How Pandora’s Music Genome Project Misrepresents the Way We Hear Music

When you’re a Silicon Valley tool with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Among other things, this means that nearly any object or phenomenon known to man is reducible to some formula or algorithm, and thus replicable—only better!—in a lab or startup garage.

Three Best Repetitions of 2014

Most of the music I listened to in 2014 fits into one of two categories. There was the music I heard only once, whether at a show, listening on the radio, or following a link on the Internet, and of which I kept only the memory.

My Year in Music

Every year, I feel fortunate to realize that there is such a consistent stream of interesting, worthwhile, and enduring music being made. The combination of new music and new thinking about older music is a testament to the inherent musicality of human existence: music defines our souls and our civilizations.

Best of 2014

On her third release for Kye Records, Vanessa Rossetto has broken through with a fascinating tapestry of interwoven, abstracted field recordings.


So what makes France any different from New York in my case? Well personality-wise, nothing.


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