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Fighting the Power at DOC NYC

2014 brings many more films and thematic slates to DOC NYC, the festival that has staked its claim as “New York’s documentary festival” and “America’s largest documentary film festival.”

The Films of Derek Jarman at BAM Cinématek

What does it mean to gather in the cinema in the context of a death? Most retrospectives in this city come on the heels of something positive, like a new film or the celebration of a centennial. The Derek Jarman series being held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music this month is different.

The New York Film Festival’s Projections

For 17 years, Views from the Avant-Garde, a sidebar program to the New York Film Festival, was the United States’s defining institution for the locus of films and videos that constitute what we still, half-heartedly, call the avant-garde.

Eduardo Coutinho’s Jogo de Cena

A different approach can be sniffed out in the documentaries of Brazilian documentarian Eduardo Coutinho. The filmmaker was stabbed to death by his schizophrenic son last February at the age of 80, a net loss not just for world cinema but for the documentary form at large.

Slavic Undercurrents in the 2014 London Film Festival

One common element to many of the most interesting films at this year’s BFI London Film Festival (LFF) is a direct or indirect connection to Eastern Europe.


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