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I recently wrote that I’d never go to IHOP again. But one night (more like 2 a.m.) after getting back from the Vision Festival, Yuko and I got hungry.

Zorn @ 60

Musical time is different than the flow of time in which we swim, and so the distance between John Zorn’s 50th birthday celebration and this month’s 60th is better gauged by concepts like magnitudes or dimensions rather than mere years.

Teri Gender Bender of Bosnian Rainbows

Gender Bender earned a reputation for being wild and unpredictable at shows, often climbing the rafters, hanging upside-down above the stage, sometimes even urinating on the floor.

TIME-BASED PERFORMANCE: A Decade of Issue Project Room

ISSUE artistic director Lawrence Kumpf, and musician C. Spencer Yeh, sat down recently with the Rail’s assistant music editor Marshall Yarbrough.

Hear and There: Soundings at MoMA and The String and the Mirror at Lisa Cooley

Two very different art shows concerning themselves with sound have opened in Manhattan—Soundings: A Contemporary Score at Museum of Modern Art (curated by Barbara London and Leora Morinis) and The String and the Mirror at Lisa Cooley Gallery (curated by Lawrence Kumpf and Justin Luke).


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