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Among the Multitude: A Report from Brazil

The body and eyes burn, and the soul ignites!

The Manifesto of the Whistleblower Defense League

This is an authoritarian democracy. Our rights to protest and to speak freely are sacred until they have a subversive effect on the running of an institution, at which point all is shut down so that not a tweet can be heard.

In Conversation

DERIC LOSTUTTER with Theodore Hamm

KnightSec’s leader may face more jail time than the Steubenville rapists his hacking helped expose.

In Conversation

BENGI AKBULUT with Robert S. Eshelman

In mid-June, Bengi Akbulut, an Istanbul-based activist, spoke with Brooklyn Rail contributing writer Robert S. Eshelman about what caused the uprising, the dynamics of the protest movement, and what impact it might have on broader Turkish politics.

A Pack of Damn Lies

IV. Blood and Guts Dolan had cracked under the pressure of Green Beret school—that was the general diagnosis. We referred to him as the “psycho” and the “fucker.” The Army did its best to keep a lid on the situation, but the Fayetteville papers ran a few stories tracking Dolan’s E and E, his Escape and Evasion.

Moral Monday Movement Marches On

July 29 marked the 13th Moral Monday protest at the North Carolina General Assembly. Launched by the North Carolina chapter of the N.A.A.C.P, the Forward Together Movement has united progressives, liberals, moderates, even registered Republicans into a large, diverse coalition in opposition to possibly the nation’s most regressive, ultra-conservative state legislative session this year.


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