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Being Walt Disney: Lucas Hnath and the Theater of Celebrity

“This guy is tougher than Shakespeare,” jokes Larry Pine during a rehearsal of Lucas Hnath’s A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay about the Death of Walt Disney.

Delusion to Delusion to Delusion: How I Wrote a Movie and Then Got it Made

I am an actress and a playwright, and I had been really lucky—and pretty delusional—up to this point.

Perché No Pass a Night Formal You at the Hotel Colors?

The Hotel Colors is a kind of translation play—not a play that has been performed or published in another language and then translated, but rather a play which could only really exist in the fog between translations.

What It Means To Disappear Here: UglyRhino comes to Port Royal

Underneath Tea Lounge, a popular Park Slope hang-out, is the remains of Port Royal, a once thriving 1970s night club, replete with tiki-style bamboo paneling and a red dance floor. At its center, surrounded by café tables, two actors rehearse a heated exchange.


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