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In Dialogue

Sarah Shaefer: A Noir Encounter

When she walked into the dim, old bar on the Bowery that rainy night (when it seemed that every cloud over New York was weeping for the loss of our collective innocence), it was as if all the clocks from Cincinnati to Singapore suddenly stopped ticking.

Reid Farrington Mashes It Up With Two Heavyweight Icons

In TYSON vs. ALI, live performers in a real boxing ring will be combined with video clips of the boxers’ matches. The Brooklyn Rail interviews Reid Farrington (director), Frank Boudreaux (script), Laura K. Nicoll (choreographer), and Dennis Allen (actor).

Surfing the Coasts: L.A.’s IAMA Theatre Company Hits N.Y.C.

Theater runs on the fuel of its own gypsy blood. As theater artists, we all have it in us, even when we settle down: the thrill of travel, the prospect of getting to tell our stories, with our people, in a new place and time.


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