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Pam Tanowitz in Conversation with Ryan Wenzel

Choreographer Pam Tanowitz presents two new dances February 4–6 at the Joyce Theater—her first time showing her work in this venue, and her first attempt, in one piece, to reconfigure past material with the benefit of hindsight.

The Library, the Church, and the Riot

The New York Public Library outpost on Sixth Avenue at 10th Street is one of those buildings you walk by on your way to somewhere else. When it is your destination and you arrive for the first time, you may turn a few circles on the corner before realizing that the Victorian Gothic structure in front of you—with its solemn stone façade, arched stained glass windows, and spiked spire—is in fact the library’s Jefferson Market Branch.

Tap Crazy

Tap dancing, that beloved but often overlooked American art, seems lately to be stomping right into the center of contemporary dance.


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