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What is the Miami Rail?

As my late friend Henry Luce III once wrote: “[The Brooklyn Rail] is a splendid publication that covers the arts, politics, and culture. I heartily recommend it.” Now it’s my turn to commend the addition of the Miami Rail.

In Conversation

YAN PEI-MING with Charles Schultz

On the occasion of his second solo exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery, Black Paintings (May 4 – June 23, 2012), Yan Pei-Ming sat down with Charles Schultz to discuss his recent paintings, his preference for visual rather than verbal communication, and the difference between the deaths of Bin Laden, Gaddafi, and Mao.

In Conversation

JIM LEEDY with Kara Rooney

With the upcoming fall 2012 release of Leedy: The Documentary, a chronicle of the artist’s life and work, Associate Art Editor Kara Rooney sat down with the legendary Abstract Expressionist sculptor in his Kansas City studio to talk about Zen Buddhism, clay, and the rough-and-tumble Ab-Ex crowd of 1950s New York.

In Conversation

DANA SCHUTZ with Jarrett Earnest

Dana Schutz’s retrospective If the Face Had Wheels opened at the Neuberger Museum at the end of 2011 and a new exhibition of recent work, Piano in the Rain (May 2 – June 16, 2012), opened at Friedrich Petzel Gallery last month. In her freshly empty studio in Brooklyn, Schutz sat down with Jarrett Earnest to talk about her paintings.

Writing from Nowhere

Timothy R. Quigley, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the New School in New York City, responds to David Levi Strauss’s “From Metaphysics to Invective: Art Criticism as if it Still Matters,” the fourth of the Held Essays on Visual Art, published in the May issue of the Rail. 

(1926 – 2012)

Frank Stout’s life was an engagement in realities seen and shaped. To say that for him there was no alternative, needlessly multiplies possibility. Even when voiced—the exception—his speech was mute, and the muteness and muttering of the broadly framed, black-haired painter could make his students uncomfortable.


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