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Mitt Ain’t Got It

After watching the way he is limping, bloodied and weary, to the Republican presidential nomination, one may be shocked to remember that Willard Mitt Romney has been running for the White House for over half a decade.

The Green Nuke Lovers Are Wrong

Despite the triple meltdown at Fukushima—which has driven tens of thousands of Japanese from their homes, cast radioactive fallout across the U.S., and will likely cost the Japanese economy ¥50 trillion, or $623 billion—many desperate Greens now embrace nukes.

The Hotel Tehran

“Joe’s the latest out of Aberdeen’s bio-transformation division-A Variable-platform Airborne Multi-exsanguination Prototype.”

THE ALBION NATION: Communes on the Mendocino Coast

The settlers came fleeing an embattled nation, war in Vietnam, rebellion at home, and bitter battles in the mean streets of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.

Some Rules for the Conduct of Young Gentlemen

In the late 1980s, the esteemed humorist and editor William Cole presented the following dicta—in three installments—to his teenage sons Williams and Rossa. 

CLASS NOTES: A fragment from Isolate Flecks: An Anatomy

Anton married Becca Kaufman a few years after they graduated, she from Brown and he from RISD. Then, after ten years, a stalled career as a conceptualist, and two kids later, he had too many at Leo’s reception.

Intervention that Works

To listen to most pundits, in contemporary America, perceptions of governmental regulations generally break along predictable political lines.

Life Is Elsewhere

“Mother of Romans, joy of gods and men, / Venus, life-giver who under planet and star / visits the ship-clad sea,” resurrect for us the German Empire, in the year 1417.

Another Prohibition: Uncovering the Real 1920s

The popularity of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and PBS’s Prohibition, one a multi-season drama series, the other a multi-hour documentary series, has ignited popular interest in the legendary Prohibition era of the Roaring ’20s.


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