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In Dialogue

Naked in Yosemite with Daniel Talbott

There is nothing glib or cheap or frivolous about Talbott’s plays. There is no slick, witty banter or easy irony to distance you, no gentle exposition to ease you into the world. His deeply damaged characters greet you head-on, pulling you into the deep water with them.

Tense Change: Leave the Balcony Open by Maya Macdonald

Maya Macdonald’s play Leave the Balcony Open is a lament for those who would rather not deal, but must. The four main characters are about to graduate college, still raw from half a dozen campus deaths in one year.

Set Designers Peter Ksander and Mimi Lien with Gary Winter

Following up his series of interviews with Costume Designers (Dec/Jan 2012), Sound Designers (October 2011), and Stage Managers (June 2011), Gary Winter delves into the physical space of theater, exploring how a set grows from concept to design with two of the most highly regarded and versatile set designers contributing their visions to theater today.

Mother of All Collaborations: The Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf Debuts a Chamber Opera

With her clear soprano voice, Griffith deftly navigates playwright Karinne Keithley Syers’s poetic language, composer Brendan Connelly’s difficult and haunting melodies, and the compelling accompaniment of new music ensemble Yarn/Wire.

In Conversation

The Penultimate P: Erin Courtney with Madeleine George

Erin Courtney, the 12th playwright to assume artistic leadership of 13P, the collective of playwrights devoted to producing their own work, talks with Madeleine George about her upcoming production, A Map of Virtue.

Nellie Tinder Sets Fire to Evelyn

For one month, when Julia May Jonas was 17 years old, she was sent to a wayward girls institution. The way she tells it, she quickly realized that she was more sane than the others, but like any good teenager, she got swept up in the drama of the place.

Excerpt from Evelyn

It’s fine. It’s what I want. It’s what I deserve. It’s what I’m good for.

DIVIDING DIVISIONS: What's at Stake in the Theater vs. Visual Arts Debate

Performa 11, the biennial of visual art performance, to borrow their insistent term, which took place this past November, opened itself up to an even wider array of artists than in years past.


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