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Bring in Da Boise

Like generations of choreographers, Trey McIntyre has set ballets to scores by Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Stravinsky. Yet the McIntyre that New York audiences have gotten to know in 2012 is not afraid to embrace more colloquial music.

ELIZABETH STREB: An Introduction

Clang! Bound! Rebound! The wall is the floor! Slam! Gravity is negotiable by force! Elizabeth Streb was fierce before it was a fashionable adjective, and she revealed all of the exactions dance art used to strive to conceal (and often still does) before Post-Post-Modernism arrived with its underpants as outerwear.

In Conversation

KYLE ABRAHAM with Ryan Wenzel

Kyle Abraham has been busy. In early November, the Pittsburgh-born choreographer was named the 2012-2014 New York Live Arts Resident, and his company, Abraham.In.Motion, premiered Abraham’s Pavement at the Harlem Stage Gatehouse.


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