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The Foundry Theater’s NYC...Just Like I Pictured It

On November 27, 1937, a new musical revue called Pins and Needles opened at Labor Stage in New York City where it played to capacity audiences until June 26, 1939, when it was transferred to the Windsor Theatre on Broadway for a year-long run.

The Revolution Will Be....Poetic People Power

If politicians want to defund the National Endowment for the Arts, it may be because they are afraid of the power of art. If they are afraid of the power of art, it’s because they recognize the potency of the poet’s words.

Cut! Unscripting Reality with Crystal Skillman

Picking a play can be a painstaking process for any producer, but I find it especially excruciating: I’m also a playwright.

The Theater at Home: 31 Down

Fans of 31 Down—brainchild of the endlessly inventive Brooklyn-based pair of theater artists Ryan Holsopple and Shannon Sindelar—will be familiar with the company’s sensually immersive approach to play-making (emphasis on Holsopple’s mind-bending aural sculptures and Sindelar’s evocative visual compositions).


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