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The Shame of Theater

The other day I sat down to write a grant letter and wound up on the New York Times’s “How would you fix Spider-Man?” site. Here I was, (avoiding) asking for money to produce a new play, while our paper of cultural record was running its 6th feature that week about producers hemorrhaging money to double down on a comic book.

In Dialogue

Laurel Haines and her Anxiety, soon on display at the Flea

I was a fan of the Flea Theater as an audience member, but I became a big fan after my recent experience there with my play American Sexy. A lot of American theaters are nervous about producing new work

Aviones de Papel: From One City to Another, a Play Takes Flight

Spanish and Latin American mythology often refer to the idea of duende when describing certain modes of artistic expression. A complicated term to translate or define in English, its loose meaning might be surmised as a performance that is so sublime, transcendent, and fully realized that it appears as if some spiritual force has possessed its host.

Director Daniel Talbott and Playwright Stephanie Janssen reopen The Umbrella Plays

About three years ago I stopped by the office of wonderful MCC literary manager and brilliant dramaturg Stephen Willems to talk about a play of mine. We got to chatting about what we saw recently that we liked and he started waving his hands, excited.


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