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Obeying = Acting Out in Brother of Gogolorez

I wasn’t at Yvonne Meier’s show the night that Arturo Vidich reportedly tried to make out with Gia Kourlas (the New York Times critic). But that’s the kind of thing that happened during the three-evening run of Brother of Gogolorez, which premiered at St. Mark’s Church last month. .

Facing the Music

Atonal keynotes, dissonant chords, a sharp trill, the pleasant pop of a piano string. These are the sounds that emerge when listening to John Zorn’s musical compositions. The effect is not pleasurable in the traditional sense; rather it induces a mild sense of disorientation, thwarting expectations.

Come One, Come All...

Circus has evolved in recent times to encompass some of the best aspects of dance, theater, and live music. Since the “nouveau cirque” movement of the 1970s, many troupes have left behind the animals, spandex, and canvas tents for a more imaginative, concert-hall version of the form.

Wandering Along a Dreamscape

Like three estranged muses they emerge from the darkness. They move slowly, subtly and organically on a shallow wooden platform in the center of the stage. Their bodies, dressed in loose black shirts and leggings, rub against each other as they entangle themselves in a state of torpor.


Sometime back in the late 1990s, Michael Jackson lay on a dance studio floor, studying the quicksilver feet of Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards. “How do you make all those sounds so fast?” he wanted to know.

Curator's Letter

This month, Danspace Project commissioned a full evening of tap—the first ever in its 37-year history.

“AS NIGHTFALL DOES NOT COME ALL AT ONCE…”: Yvonne Rainer’s Politics of Pathos

For Yvonne Rainer, dance is text. I suppose this has been said many times before. But it bears repeating, given her March performances at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, organized by Performa: Spiraling Down (2008), and the American premiere of Assisted Living: Good Sports 2 (2011).

A MERCE CUNNINGHAM DANCE COMPANY QUICKIE (with an extended Trisha Brown Parenthetical)

Brandon Collwes, Dylan Crossman, Julie Cunningham, Emma Desjardins, Jennifer Goggans, John Hinrichs, Daniel Madoff, Rashaun Mitchell, Marcie Munnerlyn, Krista Nelson, Silas Riener, Jamie Scott, Robert Swinston, Melissa Toogood, Andrea Weber: those are all of them, the very last of the Mohicans.

My Schreibstück

“I’m sorry, but I think there’s been a mistake.” “I’m not interested in performing, but I’m happy to help in other ways.”

In Conversation

THOMAS LEHMEN with Claudia La Rocco

During her recent artist residency at Arizona State University, Claudia La Rocco interviewed the German choreographer Thomas Lehmen, who is a clinical professor in the School of Dance. They spoke in his garden in Tempe, Arizona.


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