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The Great Play Download: Indie Theater Now

If you’ve worked in off-off-Broadway/downtown/indie theater, you’ve probably been reviewed by Martin Denton or his staff (full disclosure: possibly by me; I’ve been writing for Martin since 2003); you might have been profiled on the Indie Theater Companion, published by the Dentons’ small press, or even invited to join the “reviewing squad” itself, whose writers are also all professional theater artists.

Superhero Clubhouse: the Call to Grow Theater

Founded in 2007 by Jeremy Pickard, Superhero Clubhouse is a “society of theater artists engaged in making original plays and events about the natural world via a green and collaborative process.” How they make their work is equally as important as the subject matter itself.

lifting the Curtain
Costume Designers Melissa Schlachtmeyer, Normandy Sherwood, and Jessica Pabst with Gary Winter

For the holiday season, when Scrooge steps forward in his stocking cap, when sticky pudding is splattered over Victorian smocks everywhere, when Santa clones wearing lumpy Santa outfits are embarrassing themselves in family living rooms across America, who better to consult with than the Costume Designer?

In Conversation


Director and writer Lin Hixson and performer, writer, and dramaturg Matthew Goulish, both based in Chicago, spent 20 years working with the company Goat Island. That company developed and performed nine unique pieces over 20 years in locations around the world. After a two-year process of marking the end, the company disbanded.


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