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The Wells Street Gallery

In early spring 1957, a tough group of young artists found themselves living on North Wells Street in Chicago. There were Robert Natkin and Judith Dolnick, Gerald van de Wiele and Ann Mattingly; the group grew to include Richard Bogart, John Chamberlain, Ernest Dieringer, Ronald Slowinski, Naomi Tatum (Hirsh), Donald Vlack and others.

In Conversation


Leonard Lopate paid a visit to Art International Radio to talk with publisher Phong Bui about his life and work.

In Conversation

ARNOLD MESCHES and JILL CIMENT with Robert Storr and Phong Bui

On a quiet evening of a late November weekend in 2009, the painter Arnold Mesches and his wife, the writer Jill Ciment, dropped by the Rail’s Headquarters to talk with publisher Phong Bui and consulting editor Robert Storr about their lives and works.

In Conversation

DAN WALSH with John Yau

Dan Walsh welcomed Art Editor John Yau to the site of his exhibit Days And Nights at the Paula Cooper Gallery to talk about his new group of paintings.

In Conversation

DAVID REED with John Yau

On the occasion of the current exhibit of his working drawings and color studies, which is showing for the first time at Peter Blum SoHo till March 6, 2010, the painter David Reed welcomed Art Editor John Yau to view the works at the gallery a day before the opening reception. Afterward, they both sat down to talk about his life and work.


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