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Made in Brooklyn: The Civilians' Battle Over Atlantic Yards

If “journalism is literature in a hurry” (Matthew Arnold), then theater as practiced by The Civilians is a speed-walking cabaret with a conscience.

In Conversation

The Art of Duel: NICK JONES with Eliza Bent

Nick Jones may best be known for Jollyship the Whiz-Bang, the quite successful puppet pirate musical. But the “puppet man” is serious about playwriting too. I sat down with the Park Slope resident for a late afternoon sandwich during rehearsals for The Coward which opens Nov. 22 at Lincoln Center’s LCT3.

In Dialogue

FLIGHT & BLISS: The Work of James Thiérrée

James Thiérrée is a multi-disciplinary performer (actor-trapeze artist-acrobat-clown-illusionist-violinist) as well as a director and constructor of deeply mysterious, shifting play worlds/landscapes. He and his crew design, construct, and build these worlds in a very intense two to three month period on the actual stage where the first performance of the show will occur using only the basic mechanics of the theater: pulleys, ropes, weights, and counterweights.

The Macbeths in the Prism of Noh: Ping Chong Stage's Kurosawa's Throne of Blood

The uncanny is the grease on which Macbeth skids. Like gruel dredged from the weird sisters’ cauldron—a loaded smear of newt’s eye and witches’ mummy—our supernatural captivations plunge the Scottish play its way to dusty death.


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