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The Study

On a sunny fall day in 1977, my father stepped out of a bar and collapsed on the sidewalk, the victim of a cerebral hemorrhage, and for the rest of his life was confined to a wheelchair, his legs useless, his voice slurred.

Angel Face

A cherub’s face, really a sex-stunned preteen’s face, the true face of an Italian country boy introduced to the world just as the forbidden fruit falls from the tree—he turns that face toward her.

The Financier

I have this boat, he said, and swung the model past his pool, his typing pool with me the sole swimmer. He balanced the boat across my Smith Corona.

No One Ever Interrupted Me: Jim Carroll & The Petting Zoo

Elizabeth and I had cut class one autumn morning circa 1986. We’re LES kids and we don’t behave properly.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a comic strip illustrator and "cartooniologist."

The Big Pig Shoot

Thanks, yet again, to the good graces of Mr. Gallatin, I received my invitation from the Manhattan Civic Improvement Club to participate in their annual pig shoot. This was well and good, except I did not know how to shoot.

Shitty Micky

Season Two Continues! A shocking turn! Pinocchio B! And the death scenes! Sickening real life photos of the last moments of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson!


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