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In Dialogue

The Voyage In

A young woman alone, searching. An object suffused with memory. A stunning, desolate landscape. An ever-present loss. Stephanie Fleischmann has mined these themes for their melancholy beauty for nearly twenty years, increasingly seeking collaboration with artists versed in new technology to portray more effectively the ineffable on stage.

Welcome to Lona’s World

"Insecurity is an unavoidable part of life,” says Anna Gutto, whose new play opens April 17th at the 3LD Art & Technology Center in downtown Manhattan. “The question is whether we face these insecurities and unmask their true nature, or whether we run away.”

In Conversation

Mark Armstrong on Directing, Producing & Love with Trista Baldwin

So there are a lot of theater companies in New York. It’s a question you have to ask yourself no matter where you are, but especially in NYC where there are so many small companies vying for an audience and for press: Why do this? Why do you have your own theater company?

The Perfect Mix: Assembling Angela’s Mixtape: Playwright Eisa Davis with Tommy Smith

"The play is about the Angela Davis I knew from growing up with her until I was about 19," says Eisa Davis.


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