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Lights On in Fort Greene

Fort Greene’s storied literary past and present provide an excellent setting for the premiere episode of Open Book, a new documentary series dedicated to books and writers. In the debut, series producer and host Ina Howard-Parker tours the streets of her neighborhood with many leading writers who have also called Fort Greene home, including Carl Hancock Rux, Jennifer Egan, and Moustafa Bayoumi, as well as actor Jeffrey Wright, who reads “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” while walking through the courtyard of the Walt Whitman Houses. In addition to the insightful interviews and lively readings, the program brings Fort Greene vividly to life through the skillful camerawork of director-editor Diane Paragas, who manages to make an already-beautiful neighborhood look even better.
Future programs in the series will focus on other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and elsewhere. For more details, go to


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MAY 2009

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