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Atlantic Yards Fallout

Shortly over a year ago, I wrote a piece about the Atlantic Yards where I lamented our elected officials’ refusal to use their political leverage to demand a development over the rail yards that would be more in scale with and more beneficial to the surrounding community.

The Bloomberg Mystique

Mayor Bloomberg sure liked to let the press do all the speculating about whether he would run for president. Meantime, his self-funded committee working straight out of City Hall pumped up his national reputation and weighed his November prospects.

Flea Market 2.0

Once upon a time men and women gathered together everyday. The marketplace served as a hub where people bartered, gossiped and traded expertise. One imagines the odor of meat as it was seared from the bone, hearing the forging of metal as the blacksmith repaired a cooking pot; apothecaries grinding seeds and herbs to fill a prescription.

Food Not Bombs

On the day before Easter, they arrived quietly in Fort Greene Park, pushing a heavy granny cart up a steep hill before settling under a huge European beech, choosing a spot just above the tents of the farmer’s market. Shouts from a soccer game mingled with the laughter of children in a nearby playground.

Debra Sweet, the Woman Behind World Can’t Wait

When someone tells you she’s been an activist her whole life, it’s usually hyperbole. But not 56 year-old Debra Sweet.

Seeking Imperfection

In early March, several hundred flocked to the Soho Photo Gallery, a cooperatively run gallery in Tribeca, for the opening of the Tenth Annual National Krappy Kamera Contest and Show.


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