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Omnibus 08: The 2008 New York Film Festival

Last year’s Festival marked an inspirational return to its original purpose: showcasing the best films from around the world with no pandering and no worrying about what NY audiences might be ready for. The middle of the roading and compromised choices of previous years were gone.


Known best by the name of a character he portrayed on record, film and in nightclubs—Dolemite—Moore’s death represents the end of an era, the Chitlin Circuit days of roadhouses and inner city nightclubs, places where respectable citizens just didn’t go.

Charm School? Hardly

Charm School is VH1's new shameful display and exploitation of a posse of skanky cougar-strippers with pink streaks in their hair scratching each other's eyes out while wearing next to nothing, or, if its elimination night, sexy schoolgirl uniforms with white thigh-highs.

Some Wild Wedding

Weddings defy expectations. The grander the plan, the more likely it is that things will go awry.

A Paler Shade of Nixon

Call Oliver Stone what you will—conspiracy theorist, provocateur, ’60s refugee with rose-colored editing—but his films once possessed visual daring.


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