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Express In Conversation

The Mea Culpa of Gentrification: Danny Hoch with Williams Cole

Danny Hoch’s new one-man show, Taking Over, starts its run at the Public Theater on November 7th. Taking Over is comprised of diverse characters of different race and class, including Hoch as himself, who embody the dilemmas and problems of gentrification in Brooklyn.

New Image, New Reality

I felt early on, from age ten or so, that a big part of politics was emotional, and had everything to do with the collective imagination and memory.

Risky Business

The current neo-Keynesian critiques fail to confront the actual state of affairs facing global capitalism.

Art In Conversation

Susan Meiselas with Phong Bui

On the occasion of her current exhibit Susan Meiselas: In History at the ICP (International Center of Photography), on view until January 2009, Rail Publisher Phong Bui met with the photographer on-site to talk about her life and work.

Art In Conversation

Ena Swansea with Irving Sandler

On the occasion of her two recent one-person exhibits, a survey show at MUDAM Luxembourg (Musée d’Art Moderne Grand–Duc Jean), curated by Marie-Claude Beaud (on view till February 2, 2009), and new paintings at Arndt & Partner Zurich (on view till November 22, 2008,) Rail Consulting Editor Irving Sandler welcomed the painter Ena Swansea to his home in the West Village to discuss her life and work.

A New Type of Human Being and Who We Really Are

It needs to be noticed: We have New Left Review and October; we have Monthly Review and Critical Inquiry; there is Rethinking Marxism and Cultural Critique; Socialist Review and Confrontation; Critique; Radical Philosophy; the Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies and shelves and shelves of critical theory of all kinds.

Books In Conversation

Geography? It Doesn't Exist: Antonio Lobo Antunes with Alessandro Cassin

Antonio Lobo Antunes agreed to meet me in his hotel on Park Avenue South on a sunny afternoon. I was greeted by a youthful, balding, 66-year-old, with slate blue eyes the color of his denim shirt. The Portuguese writer was in New York for just a few days after a twenty year absence.


Known best by the name of a character he portrayed on record, film and in nightclubs—Dolemite—Moore’s death represents the end of an era, the Chitlin Circuit days of roadhouses and inner city nightclubs, places where respectable citizens just didn’t go.

Folktronica, or What Good is a Label?

In a micro-trended, niche-market-driven world, musical genres and subgenres are becoming more and more finely labeled to convey the multitude of options listeners have when seeking out new music.

Dawn in New York

In ancient Greece, "rosy fingered" Eos, the personification of dawn, had an insatiable desire for young men.

Some Keys to Obama’s Success

The meteoric rise of Barack Obama is already the stuff of mythology.

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One Giant Step Forward...

What a difference a day makes. Tuesday, November 4, 2008 brought the election of the nation’s first African-American president, a milestone by any standard.


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